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Andrea Miles

Andrea J. Miles is a former carer and Voluntary Sector worker. Since she was a child she has been passionate about astrology. She was taught by a professional and qualified astrologer and learnt in depth about the ancient art and science of astrology. Andrea has been a member of The Astrological Association of Great Britain for many years. She has contributed to their member’s magazine The Astrological Journal in various ways, submitting articles, book reviews and obituaries.

Famous Occultist and Witches, Their Biographies and Birth Charts is Andrea’s debut book and she is delighted to be working with Green Magic Publishers. Her book is a departure from her previous work as an article writer, where she explored various celebrities and their birth charts. Examples, of where her work has been published include The Astrological Journal for The Astrological Association as previously stated, ICARUS for the Northern Lights Astrological Society and the Suzi Quatro International Fan Club.

Famous Occultist and Witches, Their Biographies and Birth Charts is also available from all Amazon websites, specialist esoteric shops such as The Atlantis Bookshop and also White Witch as well as The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic.

In addition to this book, Andrea is currently working on another which features celebrated artists, bohemians and magicians…watch this space.
When she is not researching and writing, Andrea’s other passions are cats, gardening, chocolate, research, live music and theatre – although not necessarily in that order!

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