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Emma-Jane Cross


piritual Guide and Author of Walking the Wheel of the Year Emma-Jane Cross, has been practicing seasonal spirituality for over 24 years. Seasonal spirituality is a spiritual path aligned with nature’s seasonal rhythm and is rooted in primarily Celtic and neo pagan spiritual practices. Born and raised in North Wales, Emma-Jane has spent most of her adult life traveling through Britain and then the world, before landing in Denmark in 2010. Emma-Jane felt called early on to old ways and dedicated four years to living in Avebury Stone Circle in Wiltshire. There she studied Celtic and Norse spirituality with pagans, witches, druids and shamans. These studies became her life’s foundation, teaching her to connect with nature’s rhythm. She learnt to work with the wheel of the year, ceremony, shamanic practices, as well as this introduced her to the transformational power of personal development.

Emma-Jane’s life work is to empower people to live a life they love, by grounding in nature and aligning their personal and spiritual path to the cycle of nature’s seasons. In 2015, Emma-Jane began teaching the Walking the Wheel of the Year Program taught in Denmark and online and was published as a book by the same name in 2020. Based upon Celtic and Nordic spiritual heritage she guides in using the macrocosm of nature to reflect the microcosm of an individual’s personal growth and life path. Although she is an avowed Pagan she took the bold decision to remove from the program any specific spiritual dogma to allow participants to create a path that works for them. Walking the Wheel of the Year at its essence supports people to reroot within themselves and create their own spiritual path connected to nature, inspired by their ancestors.

As she says “We are all part of nature. There is no specific dogma that can say there is a correct way to connect spiritually with nature. It is the personal connection that is important. And today we are so fortunate that we can learn about so many different traditions and belief systems that allow us to create a spiritual path that is right for us as individuals.“

From her priestess training at Avebury, her historical passion, her Celtic spiritual roots, her walking the wheel of the year program & her strong belief that everyone benefits from connection to nature Emma-Jane has guided people from all over the world to rekindle a spiritual connection & personal growth journey aligned with nature’s seasons.

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