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Johnny Fincham

From 1990 I’ve practised, studied and written about palmistry, it’s a journey where you never stop growing and learning. I’m ranked as one of the top three palm readers in the world rankings and I’m booked up for readings for around two years.

I started writing books on palm reading out of sheer rage at the poor quality and archaic nature of palmistry books out there. They all seemed to repeat the same old (and nonsensical) predictive ideas, and all were obsessed with the lines and markings.

The palm isn’t a predictive tool. It’s a window into the deeper nature of a person. In a ten minute study of the palm, you can learn more about a someone than by being acquainted with them for 10 years. Rather than a palm reading being about your future or your fate, it’s about seeing into yourself and knowing who you truly are…

Author Title/s

Spellbinding Power of Palmistry
Johnny Fincham
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