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Kit McGoey

Kit McGoey has been a bartender, a purveyor of adventure cruises to the Canadian arctic, a world traveler and has written two books: ‘Family Tradition Witchcraft’, (published by Green Magic Publishing) a non-fiction exploration of her maternal family line’s spirituality and practises, and under the pen name ‘Katherine Savage’ the novel ‘Sway’, an erotic thriller that Kirkus refers to as containing “rhapsodic prose” in their review (available from Amazon.) Most recently, she has turned her attention to full-time caregiving, an experience she finds as rewarding as it is challenging. McGoey and her ‘better half’ of twenty-two years (husband for seven, as the couple tied the knot in 2015) currently reside in Toronto, where they are ruled over by a very spoiled cat and where they continue to worry that all of the books from her reading addiction will soon take over their home. 

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