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Lady Wolf

Witch, Priestess, Artist who began practicing the craft at the age of sixteen in the high desert of Southern Utah. In the past twenty-six years she has been deeply involved in honoring this path through hands on training with numerous teachers and mentors in the field. 
Lady Wolf is a Triple Ordained Wiccan High Priestess. In September of 2018 during one of these ordinations she was given the title Lady Wolf in recognition of her work as a Shapeshifting Priestess. As a witch she is devoted to raising awareness once more to the importance of Animism and Totemism as a Sacred Tool and way of life in activating a deeper and more meaningful connection to the Earth, Animals as Sentient and Divine beings who have been embraced as Gods since the beginning. 
Lady Wolf is an Initiated Witch, Master Herbalist, Reiki Master, Crystal Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Shapeshifting Priestess, Spirit Animal Guide, Hypnotherapist and Mother of the Desert Sage Witchcraft Tradition. 
She resides in Southern Utah with her many animals, her love of Twenty-Two years and her two sons. She spends her days in devotion to Nature as Goddess and Mother offering community space at the Desert Healing Sanctuary which features the FIRST dedicated Pagan Temple in the state of Utah. 

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