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Russell Knowles


have written both a handbook of essentially Wiccan guided Pathworkings – that are centred on the Goddess Brigid as the goddess of illumination and transformation. These link each of the 8 Wiccan Sabbats to the notion of Alchemy and external and internal change.

I have also provided a framework for which this can be used together with Poetry I have also written as a means of creating an offering of words and a spiritual tool to begin the ritual moment and create the correct mind-set. As the Goddess and muse of poetry, I see this as an appropriate key to working with her mysteries.

I have also created a means of magickal protection to accompany these ritual ideas, known as Goddess Brigid Internal Power Charge.

I have also written and conceived of a new method and mindset of working with Wiccan elements and Power which I have labelled Transactional Magick, based on my own experience as a magician, vodouisant and Wiccan practitioner.

I include an entire section 2 of the book which goes into detail about the origins and rationale behind the magick involved, as well as a commentary about my feelings and thoughts on the practice of Wicca today.

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