Sigils, Seals and Pentacles

Sigils, Seals and Pentacles



Sigils, seals and pentacles are occult devices used in ceremonial magic as part of the invocation and evocation of angels, demons and other spirits.

They were developed out of ritual magic, a mixture of Greco-Egyptian Hermeticism, Arabic Astrology and Jewish Cabala in the 10th century Medieval Europe.

These forms of magic practise were raised to the level of a science and studied as such during the Renaissance. Magicians recorded their designs in magical training books called grimoires, such as The Key of Solomon and many others,

Four centuries later, modern interpretations of such designs continue to feature in post-modern grimoires such as the Necronomicon.

This collection of occult designs is a fascinating insight into the inner world of the magician and the entities he may call on, for better or worst.