Lady Wolf



She is incredibly tall, clothed in heavy furs and leathers. Her boots make a loud thud with each step. On her back snow shoes are strapped, on her hip a pouch filled with dried meats. Her hair is woven intricately in braids with bones and beads intermixed. Her face kissed by the sun with a bit of dirt speckling like freckles. Her muscles so large they push against the fabric of her clothing. For she is the wild bringer. She is the force of Nature that we all seek to ignite within. She is courage, boldness and strength. She is one that you call to you when you are lost and starving. She is the one who will give you warmth, inviting you to sit beside her great fire in the winter storms of your life. She is one that will challenge you to stand up when you have been knocked down to rise when you doubt your capabilities. She is the one that will give you no choice but to halt, to push pause and to freeze. For she is bringer of the first frost.